changes, by Jean Kluge, is a sequel to "Ever After" by Myrna (available online at 852 Prospect).

It tells the story of Jim and Blair's efforts to cope with Blair's brain damage and incapacitation with warmth and humor, of their hard work and struggles toward his recovery, and of their courageous and miraculous reclamation of their life together.  (And, yes, it has a happy ending, for those who've asked.  We're not too proud to mention that.)  Currently available as an e-fanzine; there are no plans at this time to post the story online.

Cover art by Jean Kluge
Interior illustrations by Jean Kluge and Marty Siegrist

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changes contains mature themes, including m/m situations.
You must be the age of majority in your area to purchase the zine or to access the preview below.

The print editions of  Changes are sold out, but we have  produced a PDF e-zine version that can be emailed to you (approx 4 MB).
It contains all of the original story & illustrations.  A free MOBI file for the Kindle and some other e-readers can be included with the order.

(Please note that the cost of the e-zine download helps to pay for the web hosting costs for this website which allow me to make the e-zine available.)


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